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Finding unique jewellery online is a lot easier than searching thru countless shops. Antique pendants can be purchased on the internet form a variety of certified antique jewellery trading stores. All types of antique pendants can be found including pendants made from : coral, cross lorraine, glass, garnet, heart, sword, flower, butterfly, Chinese, jade carved, platinum, bohemian, silver, Italian, Greek, musical, diamond, egg, religious, amber, brass, gold, opal, claw, oriental, bronze, Edwardian, and Faberge egg pendants.

The Antique Pendant ~ A Beautiful Echo of the Past

Today, we are all entranced by items that were crafted many years ago, whether it's pottery, furniture or glass. But one of the most popular subjects of collections of this kind has to be jewelry, and in particular the much coveted antique pendant.

Craftsmen from the Past The skills of craftsmen that have existed over the centuries, have made it possible for us all to admire and own, a small piece of beautiful history. In the eighteenth century the French were fortunate in that they were blessed with many leading jewelers of the day, placing them foremost in the jewelry market place.

At this time those that could afford it wore jewelry at every opportunity. Designers styled earrings, rings and specifically pendants, to be worn either in the day time with pieces that were less opulent but at the same time showed the wearers social status, and evening wear, which would allow the designer to reach the height of their creative skills. It was now that jewelers learnt the art of cutting stones to maximize optimum beauty. The art of designing the settings to match came later in the antique pendant's story. Because the reputation of French jewelry making was so revered, they were in demand internationally and were often called upon to supply bespoke jewelry for clients across the globe.

Love Token Pendants It was also at this time that pendants became increasingly popular as tokens of love. Pendants contained a small lock of the givers hair, to be a constant reminder of the relationship between the two. Often, they would be accompanied by black enamel and seed pearls, echoing the fashion pointers of the day. 'Regard' jewelry was also very popular, with pendants inscribed with messages of love either within the precious metal or spelled out using the first initial of the beautiful stones used in the design. Read more on Antique Pendant History Here

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